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Ibiza, Spain

2021, September

Looking for some magic while working? Consider Ibiza.
Honestly, the energy on this island sparks inspiration. As you probably know, one side of the island offers you some serious clubbing. And for some soul searching you go to the other side. It’s up to you; will you choose one side, or will you take best of both worlds?
This map will point out some places you can work from and some epic breaks you can take. This Island is full of amazing spots, there is so much more to it than just my tips. Therefore this map is just a starting-point. Want to contribute? If you have any (WiFi) spots to add, please do!
First of all, here are some facts about Ibiza for digital-nomads considering this island:
Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 14.44.05.png

Co-working space: theHUB. Ibiza

If you are looking for a proper place to work this is your spot. I popped by to have a look and I directly got a full tour. So if you are in doubt, I suggest you just visit the place and find out if meets your needs. At theHUB you will find proper (standing) desks. There are rooms for (zoom) meetings and places to call in private. There is a bar with some tropical vibes that offers food and drinks. However, there is also a shared kitchen if you prefer making your own food. It is a community-focused co-working so you will certainly meet some other entrepreneurial souls. They have different events that you can be part of like outdoor movie nights and cocktail tasting or you can attend a yoga or fitness class.


Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis is the nearest town to theHUB and absolutely worth visiting. You can feel it is a creative spot when wandering the streets. Enjoy the beautiful shops, café’s and restaurants.
Check here for more information. 


Creative spot: L’atelier Numero 74 in Santa Gertrudis

A place where your creative soul will be fueled is L’atelier. It’s a combination of a restaurant, shop and workshop space. So if you feel like a creative break from work; check their agenda for a ceramics, knitting, or weaving course. In the workshop space you can definitely open your laptop to connect to the WiFi and get some work done.


Santa Eulària des Riu

The villa I spend my time in while working and traveling in Ibiza was close to this town. I loved spending time in this laid-back place. There are a variety of nice shops, restaurants, and bars. The architecture is the traditional Mediterranean and there is a church from the 16th century looking over town. The promenade is lively and the beaches are white. So a must, if you ask me.

Project Social in Santa Eulària des Riu

You're welcome to work in the restaurant as long as it isn't rush hour. In the morning you might find some other people working from this place. I love the low-key vibes and the colorful, totally random yet creative interior. Their international staff is very friendly. And most importantly they have great street food for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers. I liked the vegetarian hot dog. When it comes to drinks they offer craft beers and cocktails. The coffee is fine, but if you’re a coffee snob you might want to go elsewhere... Last but not least they support FOOD for IBIZA;  an organization that supports families in need with donated food from supermarkets, hotels, restaurants but also private persons.

The passion in Santa Eulària des Riu

This juice bar has a totally different ambiance than Project Social. It has a modern and hip interior. You can enjoy a view over the sea and palm trees. Their assortment is ‘healthy hip’ and also more expensive. The Passion Café's philosophy is to create good, natural, wholesome food using the best quality ingredients they can find. While working from a round marble table you can enjoy a keto smoothie, salad, raw vegan crepe or lots of other food.


Surf Beach: Cala Nova Surf Beach

Surfing on Ibiza? It is possible at Cala Nova! Check the surf report before you go and have a well-deserved surfing break. (also check the waves Cala Llenya to the North). If you’re not into surfing it is still an amazing beach to have a working break; go for a swim, short walk and lay down on the white sand. Refresh yourself with a drink in one of the restaurants (Aiyanna) or kiosks.

Aiyanna at Cala Nova

Cala NOva has a hippie chic ambiance. Picture yourself sitting on a bamboo sofa, looking over the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying delicious food. That's Aiyanna, an ablsolute gem! In the morning they offer yoga in the night there is live music. Check their website for more details. Aiyanna has WiFi, working can be a bit risky since it is a popular place, I suggest asking the staff and avoid the rush hours.

IMG_6320 2.JPG

Idyllic beach: Cala Mastella

A short (steep) dirt road will take you to this little beach with turquois water. There is a (small) parking lot. Cliffs and a pine forest surround the beautiful cove, of just 50 meters. Cala Mastella isn’t for working; it’s for escaping the rush and seeking some relaxation and tranquility in the middle of nature. It’s a beach, just a beach so don’t expect a toilet or shower. However, there is an extremely cute kiosk that serves the essentials. If you do feel active bring your snorkel gear or start your kayak adventure from here. A must go!

Santa Antonio de Portmany

I haven’t spent much time in Santa Antonio de Portmany, so I cannot share much. I do know it has a large harbor, a promenade along the beach with shops and restaurants. And it’s a place where a lot of (British) tourist party. I will share two spots with you below.


Golden Buddha in Santa Antonio de Portmany

If you happen to be in Santa Antonio and you have some work to do, you can settle down at this place. It is huge and during the day it isn’t crowded so you’re able to do some work.


Kumharas in Santa Antonio de Portmany

The sunset at Santa Antonio is great; therefore they did commercialize it by having sunset bars. Kumharas I did like, it felt authentic and it’s situated in a local environment. Kumharas serves smoothies, classic cocktails and street food. They are open from 6pm-1am. Check their instagram for evens like a hippie market, yoga, live music and art.



Vieuwpoint Es Vedra

Talking about sunsets… an experience you cannot skip is watching over Es Vedra while the sun is falling. Es Vedra appeared in many many myths. It doesn’t really matter if you believe in them or not, the feeling it’s giving you is magical anyway.

I went to the Es Vedra viewpoint but there are so many other spots to watch over Es Vedra.  So do some research and go for it.


Hippie Market in Sant Joan de Labritja

There are some hippie markets on the Island. I got the one tipped by a local in San Joan de Labritja. It’s on Saturdays and it’s a small-scale market. They claim that everything on the market is hand-made locally. Have a stroll around and find a nice bar to get a refreshment.


Hidden beaches in the North

For a break I recommend one of the hidden beaches in the north of the island. There are several hidden beaches, drive along the coast and follow the locals. Port San Miquel, Benirras, Cala Zarraca are a good start.


A well-known bay in the North of Ibiza is Portinatx. There are a few beaches with turquoise water and some nice restaurants and bars. You can do a very nice cliff walk up to the lighthouse. For me, it was a nice after-work walk, but it will certainly also serve as a break during the day. 


Ibiza City

A must go of course is Ibiza City, however I didn’t spend much time in the city since I was more drawn to the nature. The architecture in the old town is gorgeous. The old town becomes very lively in the evening with people wandering around and having diner and drinks at the restaurants. I come across some nice places that I will share with you:


  • S'Escalinata Eivissa - small bar in the old town where you can drink a cocktail.

  • Corsarioibiza – absolutely stunning place with an amazing view over the city.

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