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2017, October 

Palms, futuristic architecture, long stretched out beach, historical center, delicious food, and a lot of sun. That’s basically the 3rd biggest city of Spain, Valencia. I spend my working holiday in this city to catch some sun, meet like-minded people and get inspired. Honestly, Valencia didn’t disappoint me. I summed up my experience in a (surprise!) Google Map. You can use it as a guide for your (2 day) workation or just check out the pins whenever you’re around. I’m not covering every touristic highlight; so make sure you check your usual websites for that. Travel Blogger Sanne Wesselman (member of co-working Valencia) wrote a blog on the highlights of the city. Check it out.

Check also: the best Wifi spots to work from in Valencia

The map can easily be opened in GoogleMaps on your phone or other devices. Troubles using our maps? Drop us a line: info[a]


Co-working In Valencia

Sarah Harvey is the mastermind behind Valencia Coffees & Co-working. She runs co-work sessions every week at another WiFi Spot in town. After a day of hard working the bottles of wine appear and people exchange experiences and ideas. It’s an open community who welcomes newcomers. So if you’re around, you should find this group on Facebook and attend one of their sessions.

Like to check out a co-working space? Wayco offers a trial day on their website, so for joining it, a previous submission would be necessary. If not, they have a day pass for 15€ vat incl. More information


Where to stay?

If you’re searching for a place to stay, I strongly recommend the lively neighborhood Russafa, since there are a lot of wifi spots to work from, great shops, restaurants and bars.


Like to contribute to the map?

I invite anyone who has suggestions for the map, especially WiFi spots to add them. Don’t stay in the dark, let us know who contributed, leave your name, website, Instagram in the description. 

DAY ONE - Historical day


9h00 Wander around in Old Town District

I love to eating my breakfast out, great way to start a day. Café Museum is one of the places in the Old Town where you can go for breakfast. Try one of those typically Spanish toasts for breakfast. The Old Town District reflects the history of the city, you’ll go back in time wandering around and find buildings like;


  • Torres de Serranos; one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall, the Christian Wall, of the city of Valencia, Spain.

  • Valencia Cathedral; the origins of the cathedral date back to the 13th century. The cathedral has different architectural styles including baroque, Romanesque and gothic.

  • Bell tower, El Miguelete; climb the stairs of this gothic style construction made in the fourteen century, and enjoy and view over the city.

  • Marcat Central; open from 7h00-15h00, the current building of the Mercat Central de Valencia was opened on 23rd January 1928. Original project (1839) was modified by architects Alejandro Soler March en Francisco Guardia Vial (1914) and completed by The architects Enrique Viedma and Ángel Romaní. It's a tourist attraction, but also locals get their fresh products at the market.

  • Estació del Nord, the North Station (opened 1917) is the main railway station in Valencia, Spain.

  • And many more to be found! 

12h30 – Lunch at Kuzina

In the middle of old town, a little off-road you'll find the restaurant Kuzina. This place might not be one of the most romantic spots. However, the food will surprise you and the people are extremely friendly. Kuzina offers a daily menu of 12,50 Euro for three courses.


14h00 Heading to Russafa

The hipster area of Valencia is Russafa, where you will find the best wifi spots to work from, vintage boutiques and barbershops.


Three of my favourite wifi spots are:

Blue Bell #wifispot

Blue bell is a small but colourful café, with a little patio in the back. Their juices are healthy and fresh and their wifi is fast. Students are studying, locals are drinking their coffee, and nomads are working their ass off.

Adress: Carrer de Buenos Aires, 3, 46006 Valencia

Ubik Café #wifispot

Happy rock music, big tables, sofas, vintage furniture and books fill up the space. You will find other people working on laptops, reading or studying. Perfect place for getting some shit done. I spend an evening reading a book and drinking a red wine. They have a special offer for wine and tapas.

Address: Carrer del Literat Azorín, 13, 46003 València

Café ArtySana #wifispot

In the back of the café they have a huge table, where you can work from during your workation. Friendly staff, good coffee and their sandwiches are delicious.

Adress: Carrer de Dénia, 49, 46004 València


18h00 Breaking Sweet @ Dulce de Leche #wifispot

Time to change scenery and find yourself a little treat. This is no secret spot but it’s a must! A Lot of locals and tourist come to this ‘boutique Café Pastelería’ to enjoy amazing looking and tasting food. I was extremely happy when I walked into this place. They have amazing cakes, sandwiches, coffee and juices for affordable prices.

19h30 Afternoon shopping session

Great thing about Spain is that the shops are open untill 8.00 / 9PM! So get yourself a great new vintage outfit J, get inspired by interior shops or get your art supplies in this creative neighborhood.


You’ll find different vintage, art and fashion shops in Russafa, here are a few shops:

  • KAUF Vintage

  • Petticoat Vintage Lab

  • La Boulangerie – Vintage & New

  • Kowalski Bellas Artes – Cool arty stuf, for all your brainstorm supplies.

  • Gnomo - “The project has its departure from the store specialized in objects and decoration that decided to open in 2010 in Valencia as an ode to design and a particular lifestyle that seeks for originality and beautiful things as told by the owners.“  Read more

21h00 Diner @ Café Montana since 1836

A place recommended by locals is Café Montana.

“It seems as though nothing has changed at Casa Montaña since it was established in 1836. Always a favourite rendezvous for politicians, intellectuals and artists, it nowadays enjoys positive recognition in the most exclusive publications of gastronomy, wine and travel.” Check their timeline

DAY TWO  - Cycling day!

9h00 Morning work session

Just a suggestion for today! Work in the morning, play the rest of the day. Find your favourite work spot in Russafa in the morning. Get some work done, and rent a bike to find your way around the city.

Renting a bike in Valencia is pretty easy since there are a lot of bike rentals. It’s a great way to get around since you can cover a longer distance than by foot. And in contrast to the metro, you can actually enjoy the surroundings. Nevertheless, the bus connection in Valencia is also very good and easy. 1,50Euro per ride.


My experience with ‘Do You Bike’ was good. They ask 10 Euros for 24 hours, you do have to pay a deposit of 50 Euro. Locals told me that during the night bikes (or saddles, wheels) get stolen, so lock your bike carefully.

BikeAlao bike rental and tours in Valencia, owned by members of the co-working community, offer you bike tours to discover the hidden gems of Valencia. Something you can definitely consider during your workation in Valencia. You can also just rent a bike at BikeAlao.

14h00 Sweets & Coffee - Portobello Horno Cafetería #wifispot

I found this colourful place, packed with locals, by accident and I absolutely loved it. The girls working at this restaurant are very helpful and friendly. Go to this place for lunch, sweets or coffee. They have WiFi so you can also work here. A bit further up the street you can rent a car at ‘Do You Bike’.

15h00 Rent a bike & check out The Turia Garden
Luckily for us this former river never became a highway, but instead a beautiful nine kilometers long park. The park runs like an artery through the city and is absolutely perfect to explore by bike. You will dive under old and new bridges, meet a lot of people running and working out. Families, students and lovebirds enjoy the fields.

At one end of the park you’ll find the biopark before you’ll get to the other end you’ll cross some museums, and finally reach the futuristic buildings at the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

17h00 Beach chill-out

Depending on what you fancy after your cycling tour, but checking the beach would certainly be a good idea. Walk around, sit & relax.

19h00 La Fabrica de Hielo #workspot

One of the gems of Valencia: La Fabrica de Hielo. In this old factory they used to make ice cream, but today it’s a creative hub. They host workshops, concerts, art events. During the day you can also work on your laptop! Check what’s going on before you go:

21h00 Food & Cocktails @ El Carvo

“Should I stay or should I go know” is playing in the background. Well stay! El Carvo has an awesome vibe, happy staff, surrounded colourful paintings, a vintage piano, and a wooden bar. Bottles of wine and other liquor are proudly presented. They do cocktails from 3 to 5 euros.

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