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Lyon, France

I crossed Lyon on my way to a yoga retreat and wasn’t expecting anything. But I came to like it a lot! It’s friendly and full of inspiration. In this list, I share some places that are worth checking out and some places you can work remotely.


👋 Anyone who likes to contribute to the map, just add your favourite places (to work) in Lyon!

p.s. this time I created a list instead of a map. I think this works better since it's easier for you guys to add your favourite spots. Let me know what you think.  

Some of the places I enjoyed, that are included in the work spots list!


Anticafé Lyon a very cool remote work concept! You pay for your time, starts at 6€ an hour and goes up with a few euros per hour. Including some food and coffee. What's not to love.

🍳🧇🥪🥗 Comme ala maison, they had an amazing brunch buffet when I was there, check their Instagram!

La Boîte à Café for your well deserved coffee break, however, if you need to get work done open your laptop in this small cafe. 

I booked this free tour in Lyon and I highly recommend this one! Free Vieux Lyon Tour

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