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Lisbon, Portugal (Update 2022)

I made this map when I was living in Lisbon in 2017. In April 2022, I came back for another 6 weeks to work remotely. I'm still in love with the city although things have changed, of course. The city felt even more international, and the number of digital nomads has increased. This time, I chose to work from a co-working and co-living samesame. If you are a digital nomad and looking for like-minded people I recommend this spot. It's a small community of people working and traveling around the world. There are events every night; from co-livers that host a dinner, to movie nights and concerts.. The co-working space is perfect if you don't have too many calls, since there are not too many places to do your calls in private. Still, I do recommend checking this place out. The staff is welcoming!



2017, June (updated 2022)

Ready for one of the coolest places in Europe? Lisbon is your next destination. It's getting one hell of a popular city. Every day newcomers are landing in Lisbon for a city break or holiday.  Digital Nomads and remote workers are planning a longer stay. It's a cosmopolitan, yet friendly city. Local dishes like 'bacalhau à brás' and traditional sweets like 'pasteis de nata' are delicious and can be enjoyed in small, authentic, family-owned restaurants. The narrow streets and architecture are breathtaking, the sun is shining, the nightlife is vibrant, and on top of all this the ocean is just a 20-minute drive away. 

Working remotely in Lisbon? Here is your work & travel map to enjoy the city while working.

How to use the map? Work & wander!

We divided the map into two remote working days with plenty of time to wander and get inspired. So if you're in for a day of (light) work while getting inspired by the city follow the trail. Of course, you can also just check out the spots in your own time.

Lisbon Map

The map can easily be opened in GoogleMaps on your phone or other devices. Troubles using our maps? Drop us a line: info[a]


9h00 Breakfast at Café São 

When you walk into this cafe, you’ll be surprised by the smell of fresh bread. This place offers the best almond croissants in Lison. Be early since everyone seems to hunt for them. If you are around, go and have your breakfast, read your newspaper or just check some emails before you walk up to Jardim da Estrela.

Note: They have a laptop policy: NO LAPTOPS from 12.00 to 14.30h. 

10h00 Morning park walk

Clear your mind and make yourself ready for the day during a walk in the botanic park, Jardim da Estrela. This is one of our favourite spots in Estrela, a neighbourhood in Lisbon. If you’re into running, just pop into your running shoes and run a few laps. If not, just walk and wander around before you start working.

10h30 Get some work done #wifispot #getworkdone

Enjoy your morning shot of caffeine at this coffee shop ‘BANANACAFE’ in the park. You probably have some work to do, so grab your laptop and go! Inside this place the WiFi is great (outside, not always) Here you can escape from the rush of the city, It's not your fancy lunch place but we kept coming back. (Although it's a different owner now, I think it's worth checking)

12h30 Visit Basilica

A quick visit to the neoclassical church of Basílica da Estrela is enough to get impressed. It was built in the second half of the 18th century by order of Queen Maria I of Portugal to celebrate the birth of her first (and only) son, José, Prince of Brazil. The pink, grey and yellow marble patterns are beautiful. For a few coins, you can go up the dome and get a view over the city.

13h00 Creamy intermezzo

An Uber driver was the first person to tell us about Gelataria Nannarella,  they have the best Italian-style ice cream in town. So if you are as crazy about ice cream as the Portuguese, get yourself over there for a treat that will make your day! The ice cream is 100% natural and made from homemade recipes.

Lisbon Map



14h00 Work and late lunch with a view #wifispot #getworkdone

Lost In’ is one of our favourite discoveries. It is in the middle of Príncipe Real, a hip and also a bit fancy neighbourhood in Lisbon. To get to ‘Lost In’, you have to walk around the building by walking into al little street and take the stairs on your left. You will first cross the restaurant with tremendous glass windows that give you a beautiful view over the city. If you walk a little bit further, you will enter a garden filled with colourful sofas. The garden is in the shade, so when the sun is hot this is a great place to work outside. The food they serve is great. One disadvantage: they do not accept cards from outside Portugal so make sure to bring cash.

If you're in for a break Esplanada Cafe or the Quiosque in Jardim do Principe Real are great.


17h00 Concept Shopping
If you are into shopping, wander around on the Rua Dom Pedro V till the Praça do Príncipe Real, close to ‘Lost In’. Go into the Embaixada, the iconic XIX century new-Arabian Palace that is now functioning as a shopping area. You will find national brands and artists. The place is all about Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, and culture.


Relax with a view

After some food, work, and shopping, you might like to relax for a while. You can walk a little further and enjoy the view over the city at the beautiful Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara. There is a kiosk where you can refresh yourself with a drink or snack.

Or get some drinks

Jardim do Príncipe Real is for everyone: lovebirds enjoy the benches under the giant parasol-like tree, kids play around in the playground, men play their cards, and lot of people enjoy their drink and food at the kiosks. So if you have some time to kill go and find this jardim built in 1853.

22h00 diner


Dim Sum Lab

If you're into dim sum? Check this place out! It's amazing.

Petiscos at Dona Quiteria

Dona Quiteria is located in a former grocery store dating back to 1870. You will be surrounded by authentic decoration while eating “petiscos”, the Portuguese tapas. The people are friendly, the ambience is amazing, and the food is delicious and traditional. We would definitely go back to this place.

Some tips extra tips for the evenings: absolutely great winebar in Graca at Vino Vero or get inspired by the artist of Arroz Estudios.

Lisbon Map


9h00 Cultural start of your day 

Castelo de S. Jorge is definitely worth visiting, mainly because of the unique view over the city and its water. I couldn’t find a Miradouro that beats this view. My advice: grab some food somewhere and have your breakfast in the garden of the Castle. Don’t forget to also visit the castle ;-) We haven’t been during high season. You need to buy a ticket to get in.

Alternative breakfast spot 

If the Castle is too busy, I strongly recommend skipping it and having your breakfast at Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

Break Sé is also a good breakfast place on a 6-minutes walk.

10h15 Photography walk 

Camilla Watson has been around as a photographer for over 25 years. A visit to CreativeMornings Lisbon introduced us to her and her work. She spoke about her fascination for communities and her focus on exhibiting her work in outdoor spaces. Portraits she made of the old citizens of Lisbon are out on these streets: Beco das Farinhas, R. Capelão.

Map of portraits of Camilla Watson: te voegen.

11h00 Work & healthy lunch #wifispot

Nicolau Lisboa is a perfect place to work, have lunch, or plan meetings. The ambiance is relaxed and green :-) They don’t appreciate laptops during lunchtime, fair enough! So put away your laptop during lunch and order one of their amazing fresh dishes like homemade granola, green smoothies, pancakes, avocado toasts, and salads. If you are looking at staying and working in Lisbon for a bit longer, there is a co-working space above Nicolau you might want to check out. 

When I returned to this place in 2022 it was extremely busy so if you're searching for other places to work check out the 'off-read' WiFi spots on the map. 

13h30 City walk

A 5-minute walk will take you to the most famous square of Lisbon, Praça do Comércio. As the name already tells us, the square used to be a square for trade and was built after the earthquake in 1755. This great earthquake destroyed the entire Baixa district. We always liked walking back to our apartment along the Tagus River, where people are relaxing, playing sports, and enjoying the view of the ’25 de Abril Bridge' and the ‘Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei’, the National Sanctuary of Christ the King.

14h00 Our love for kiosks

We are extremely in love with the characteristic kiosks of Lisbon. They are situated all over the city and they all tend to have their own specialty; coffee, sandwiches, cocktails, or even books! Some are mostly frequented by locals, and others are more touristic. Walking a bit further along the Tagus River, you will find ‘Quiosque Ribeira das Naus’: although a bit overpriced, their relaxing chairs let you enjoy a tea or wine to the fullest.

15h30 Arty drinks #wifispot

If you are into (street) art you’ll enjoy Ordinario Lisboa, located a bit further also in front of the Tagus River (Cais do Sodré). You will find exhibitions and they sell spray paint and markers as well as local art and sketchbooks. On the tables inside you can work and enjoy the sun on the terrace outside. 

19h00 Sunset  drinks (check what time the sun goes down)

At sunset, there is a gathering of all kinds of people around the Miradouro de Santa Catarina. Everyone enjoys a drink while watching the sunset over the city. Get drinks at the kiosk or bring your own, a great moment to share with professional friends and talk about your ideas!


Dine like a local restaurant
 Zapata is not a fancy place, but it has a real Portuguese vibe. It’s extremely popular, so either make a reservation or come early. They prepare their fish simple, but fresh. Try for example the traditional Bacalhau (salted cod) à Brás (with cut potatoes and egg). We ordered a ‘Vino Verde’ to start with, a traditional Portuguese wine that is young and light.

Boa Vista social club 
I highly recommend this place. Amazing food! They also spin vinyl for some dancing later at night. Check out their agenda on Instagram.​

Go Pink(street) for drinks
People will tell you about a vibrant neighbourhood Bairro Alto, it’s touristic and draws a young crowd. We recommend walking up to Pink Street, which is better. When you are there, try to go for a drink or an interesting performance at Pensão Amor. 
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