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Leiden, The Netherlands 

I took Sophie on a co-working date through Leiden. Sophie, a design coach, empowers entrepreneurs by assisting them in crafting a compelling brand identity. (

We both wanted to get some work done and at the same time find some inspiration by breaking our daily routine. Instead of working from home, we explored some new places. During our remote workday, we worked at a creative hotspot and a co-working café.  And I showed Sophie bits and pieces of the city during our breaks. 

And guess what? I created a map for you! Check it out and please add any other places we shouldn't miss!

And here is what we did during our co-working date

We started our day at Galerie Cafe Leidse Lente and we got some work done while drinking a fresh mint tea. 

During our break, we enjoyed the most beautiful plants in the Hortus Botanicus gardens.

At I Scream Coffee I interviewed Sophie about another project I'm launching (stay tuned!) since she tested my prototype. This place has a remote working area, so check it out!

Afterwards, Sophie did a 'coach-call with a view' on the bench in front of the Burcht of Leiden, an old fort. 

And we ended our day with a refreshment at Vooraf en Toe!

p.s. I also added some other interesting things to see and do in Leiden. Check the 'off-track' list on the map. 

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