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2017, November 



The city of love, the city of macrons… Paris. There is a perfect sense of style, in everything: fashion, architecture and cuisine. It all comes together. Therefore, a city that instantly brings new inspiration. However, meeting new people can be a bit harder if you don’t speak the language. Meet-ups and other events are mostly in French, simply because there are still a lot of professionals who do not speak English. Nevertheless, I had some great conversations over coffee with individuals I met through the networking app Shapr . So that’s worth trying.


I created a 48h work & travel trail of the highlights of my workation in Paris. I also added some ’off road’ tips.  Do you have any Wifi spots to add, please do? The map is open, so you should be able to contribute. Give a shout out and let us know in the description who you are.


Have you tried the map? Let me know if it is useful. Drop me a line: amy[a]


The map can easily be opened in GoogleMaps on your phone or other devices. Troubles using our maps? Drop us a line: info[a]



9h00 Wake-up Walk in Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

I love to add a walk to my morning routine; it gives me headspace before starting the day. It almost feels like a meditation. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is my favourite park in Paris, the beautiful trees and the different levels calm me down. I love being surrounded by nature, even if it is just a park. Enjoy your morning walk and hopefully, you’re as lucky as I was with a private concert ;-)


10h00 Breakfast - Les Chics Types #remoteworktip

In this restaurant I had a get-together with an old friend; it’s a hip place in an upcoming neighbourhood. I have been coming and going in this wifi spot during my remote week in Paris. It’s spacious, there are enough tables to work from and the atmosphere is friendly. It can get busy during lunch. Les Chics Types is an ideal place for a breakfast and some light work. If you’re around for dinner the burgers are delicious. 
Address: 20 Avenue de Laumière, 75019 Paris, France


13h00 Sushi for Lunch

Is the sun shining? How about some sushi at the bank of the river? I love spending time outside. If you prefer a proper table, your alternative is a Japanese Bisto Koko ( address: 14 Quai de la Loire, 75019 Paris.


13h30 Picknick - Bassin de la Villette

Once you picked up your lunch, find your spot somewhere along the Bassin de la Villette and enjoy your sushi. Or just relax at the waterfront until your ready for your next spot!


14h30 Concrete jungle; Parc de La Villette

It used to be the French national wholesale meat market and slaughterhouse, today it's an urban cultural park. It’s not your usual park, it’s an architectural jungle created by the architect Bernard Tschumi, who won the international competition in 1982. More information. 


All over the park, you find red follies which give you a sense of direction. Furthermore, Europe’s largest science museum, playgrounds, concert halls and theatres can be found. Enough to discover. 

15h30 Work session  - Le Pavillon des Canaux #remoteworktip

A place that offers the best of both worlds: cosy coffee shop and a place to work. They encourage you to open your laptop but also look over and talk to strangers. Le Pavillon des Canaux is serving coffee from Lomi, a Parisian coffee roaster. The menu is homemade and they use fresh seasonal products. Check their website for the events they hosts:


16h00 Walk of plants - La Promenade Plantee

Done working today? Lets discover another neighbourhood of Paris. I suggest the walk of plants! It’s a 25 min. drive or 45 min with the Metro from Le Pavillon des Canaux. A 19th-century viaduct is now a beautiful, almost never-ending, park. The walk takes you along trees, flowers, water and buildings. Nevertheless, in summer it can be crowded with tourists. So choose your day carefully. I always enjoyed this elevated park so hopefully, you will as well.

Me, Amy, chilling at the La Promenade Plantee



17h00 Sweet art - Boulangerie bo

Everything they serve is a piece of art. This bakery serves awesome bread, pastries and other sweets. After all that walking you can handle some cabs. Treat yourself at Bo.


18h00 Get Lost! Place de la Bastille

You’re in the Bastille area so you might want stroll around and see what’s going on.

July Column at Place de la Bastille is where the Bastille prison once stood, it was stormed and destroyed in the French Revolution. The outline of the prison is marked in the pavement. This blog tells you what to do in in the Bastille area.


20h30 Diner at Chez Janou

A place where I’ve been years ago, a dinner I’ll never forget. Therefore, a well-deserved spot on the map. You might want to make a reservation since they can get busy.



9h00 Morning-laptop-session at the Caféothèque

Good morning! This is one of those places you can easily pass without noticing because the outside doesn’t reveal what’s going on inside.  It’s a place where they are more than passionate about coffee. They represent coffee from different places around the world, they train barista’s and they have a lovely café with surprising corners to work and relax. What are you waiting for! Get yourself over there. 


13h00 Wandering around in Le Marais
Les Marais is a busy bubbly popular district filled with shops, restaurants, art galleries and museums. The historical architecture and small streets will give you a true ‘Paris-feeling’. Wander around in this area and get inspired by medieval Paris and the pre-revolutionary buildings. Something not too Parisian but cool to visit is the Institut Suedois, a Swedish culture centre that offers art, design, cinema, music and literature.

15h00 Brunch & work - Hôtel Grand Amour

Whenever you’re ready for a brunch or a work session get over to Hôtel Grand Amour. It’s extremely well decorated, therefore you just want to stay and enjoy the love(ly) ambience. Step into the world of hipster heaven. They do brunch between 12.00 and 16.00 h, from eggs, beetroot salads to burgers.


17h00 waterfront - Canal Saint-Martin
It’s time to hit the streets of Paris again. I’ve always enjoyed strolling along the Canal Saint-martin, or just relax at the side of the canal. There are different shops, restaurants and coffee places! Here is what Huffington post recommends in this area.


On your way to from Hôtel Grand Amour to Canal Saint-Martin, you will cross a few cool shops you might want to check out:

  • Vinyl Madness at Smallville Records Paris

  • Another shop work & chill place is O/HP/E

19h30 Bisou Creperie

The French know how to make their crêpes, in this restaurant they’ve gone mad with this French pancakes. On the menu, you can find the Crazy Avocat, Popeye Power, Bella Ragazza or a Kiss from NY. They know how to be creative at Bisou Creperie. Besides crêpes, they also have salads, sweet crêpes and ice cream.


photo credits: facebook Bisou Creperie
22h00 Late night museum visit - Palais de Tokyo

Something I’ll never forget is my first night visit to Palais de Tokyo. It’s magical to be in a museum at night. On your way to the museum you will be surprised by a great view of the Eiffel tower. The museum shows modern and contemporary art and is a monumental building that was built in 1937 for the Paris International Exhibition dedicated to Art and Technology in Modern Life. There are 22,000 m² space spread over 4 floors. They host different events and have a great bookstore. They also have restaurants: Monsieur bleu and Les Grands Verres

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