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2017, July

Low-season proof!

Escape the city for a workation! Fly to a beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. São Miguel Island is the biggest island of the Azores and known for its green and lush nature. The map we designed is around the main city Ponta Delgada, therefore it's good to base yourself in this city. There is a variety of restaurants and a good selection of hotels and bars. Traveling by car gives you a lot of flexibility.

We of course do advice you to also visit other corners of the island! Have a chill bath in the hotsprings in Furna, taste some amazing European Pineapple at the organic greenhouse, hike around Lagoa das Sete Cidades. We got surprised during a sunset around the Miradouro do Pôr-do-Sol when the landscape turned gold.

The map can easily be opened in GoogleMaps on your phone or other devices. Troubles using our maps? Drop us a line: info[a]

Day 01 (Clear morning sky forecast is important)

8h00h Early high rise

Get up bright and early and start with a breakfast at Mercado da Graca. Because of its climate and volcanic soil, Sao Miguel produces many exotic foods that can be bought at the market. Have a pineapple juice and a Portuguese sweet bread with local cheese for breakfast and a Bica (espresso) and a Queijada for some extra energy.

9h00 Where am I?

It is half an hour drive from Ponta Delgada to the island’s highest peak: Pico da Barrosa. With clear skies, you can see all sides of the island and get a good sense of its size and natural diversity. If you look to the North, you see the area where you will be exploring and working from the rest of the day.

10h00 tuka tula laptop time

Drive to the west beach of Ribeira Grande, Praia do Areal de Santa Barbara. Depending on how rough the ocean is, it is an extraordinary sight with the deep black volcanic sand and the white froth of the powerful waves. On this beach, you will find the Azores Surf School and Tuka Tula Bar. Good coffee, friendly people, and an inspiring place to get some work done.

Note: Tomorrow is surfing day, so check if you can rent a board at the surf school or reserve a surf-lesson. They can probably also tell you about the weather forecast. 
Azores Surf Center. Phone: +351 915970726 Email:
Santa Barbara Surf School. Phone:  +351 966188012   or   +351 963428849 Email:

12h00 Ocean Views
Drive through Ribeira Grande to Miradouro Santa Iria. Take a moment to enjoy the view and if you are lucky, spot some surfers who hiked 30 minutes down the hill to reach the waves.

​12h30 Lunchtime
Praia dos Moinhos is a pretty secluded corner of the island, it can be very empty, especially in the low season. There is a nice place on the beach to have lunch (good burgers!). If you need more time to work, this is an ideal place to get it done.


14h00 Cha time!
Visit the Porto Formoso Tea Plantation. There is another one, but we preferred the vibe at this plantation. You won’t find any other tea plantations anywhere in Europe (as they say)!

15h00 Relaxing in nature
End your day at Caldeira Velha on the way back to Ponta Delgada. A relaxing waterfall and hot springs in tranquil surroundings.

​19h00 Tasty petiscos 
A Tasca is the place to be for a cosy, traditional, and very tasty dinner. They offer a huge selection of petiscos. The staff is happy to advise and help you pick the perfect combination. The place is a favourite for tourists and locals alike, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation as soon as possible to secure your spot. Phone: +351 296 288 880. 

​22h00 Mixing flavours
After tasting all the sweet Azores wines, stumble across the street to Canto do Aljube and have a freshly made cocktail to top off the day.

Day 02 He Ho let's Surf 
9h00 Breakfast with cakes

Louvre Michaelense is an apothecary/grocery/vintage type of place not to be missed in Ponta Delgada. They have a truly amazing collection of small tarts and its a good opportunity to buy some souvenirs. Make sure you have a fully charged laptop, the rest is all provided for to start the day with a bit of work.

12h00 He Ho let's eat & surf 

Make sure you pack up enough energy for this afternoon. Head over to one of the surf schools to pick up your board!
Click for Surf spots & webcams. 

  • Santa Barbara Surf School,
    Estrada Regional, nº1, 1º Morro de baixo, 9600 - 219  Ribeira  Grande,  Azores, PT Phone:  +351 966188012   or   +351 963428849 Email:

  • Azores Surf Center,
    49 EN1-1A, Ribeira Grande, Azores, 9600, Portugal. Phone: +351 915970726 Email:

17h00 Sunset session at the beach 
Populo cafe is right at the beach and serves fine snacks. A great place to find your energy again after your surf session. Chill, relax, and enjoy the sunset.

20h00 Veggies at Rotas da Ilha Verde
The only vegetarian restaurant in town. We do love Portuguese meat, but we like our veggies even more. Therefore we’d like to tell you about this restaurant called Rotas da Ilha Verde. Confession to make! We haven't been there ourselves, but it's supposed to be good, cute, and cosy. Make a reservation and find out yourself: +351 912 593 240 

23h00 Add a little art to your nature experience
Check the Facebook of Arco 8. Usually from Friday they are open with exhibitions, performances, and music. What really can go wrong when they are served with some of the best cocktails in town?

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