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Can ChatGPT design remote workdays for me?

Can ChatGPT create work & travel maps for me?

In 2017, a whole new world opened up as I embraced remote work. I took a leap of faith, hopped on a one-way ticket to Lisbon, stashed my belongings in a garage, and carried my freelance gig along for the ride.

Little did I know that this adventure would gift me with a dozen new connections, allow me to roam Europe's picturesque landscapes, and introduce me to fascinating souls with different backgrounds and perspectives. The combination of work and wanderlust acts as a catalyst, sparking my creativity. (more about that later)

As I was already utilizing Google Maps to pinpoint the optimal WiFi and sightseeing spots, I saw an opportunity to share this information with fellow individuals who also engage in remote work from various locations. It was at that moment that the idea for this website came to fruition.

Fast forward to the present day, I find myself happily rooted in the Netherlands, yet forever drawn to the idea of remote work. Whether within my homeland's borders or anywhere abroad.

As for my 'work and travel maps', I confess they have remained a labor of love, a cherished side project. I may not have actively sought validation for these digital cartographic treasures, 😉 however they have caught the attention of curious eyes, the views ranging anywhere between 500 and 3500.

With the arrival of ChatGPT, I couldn't resist trying something new: Can ChatGPT design remote workdays for me? And of course the answer is yes!

My colleague created my AI-twin, as I like to call her. She can create a great foundation for a remote workday anywhere in the world! You might be just a happy user as well! Check it out.

Generate remote work maps

Submit some information; the city you will work and travel from, the time you will be spending there, the location where you're staying, and the magic happens! A work and travel planning will be generated. The planning suggests a combination of places you can work from and highlights you can do during your breaks. Enjoy!

Remember that we generate these maps through ChatGPT. Use the maps as inspiration! Make sure you check opening hours, availability of Wi-Fi, and any specific requirements before visiting.

P.S. Lots of you are probably busy, just attending a conference or living your digital nomad life on your own and don't need tips for sightseeing. Get your list of public WiFi spots here!


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