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Coffee talk, to all cappuccino lovers in Lisbon

Coffee talk, to all cappuccino lovers in Lisbon

Yep!! I'm one of those all-day cappuccino drinkers, and I just want to share something with my fellow drinkers: it's great to see that a cappuccino is made with love in Lisbon, but they sometimes put chocolate, burn the milk, or even worse cream on top.

Don’t get me wrong the coffee-culture in Lisbon, well Portugal, is sophisticated. Every random coffee place serves a well-brewed espresso. All day you see the Portuguese gathering around the counters of the so-called Pastelarias (coffee shops) to just get their daily shot of caffeine and sweet…. nevertheless, coffee with milk is a different story.

Like in every bigger city there are a of lot hipster places in Lisbon like The Mill, Fabrica, where you can get your well –made cappuccino. And I’m not going to deny that I haven’t enjoyed my cappuccinos there. Although, it’s a shame that most of those coffee places are not owned by Portuguese people and they ask double the price.

So I recommend you to drink your coffee in traditional Pastelarias, which you can be found on every street corner. Once you’re in a Pasteleria, ordering a coffee can be a bit confusing so: how to order your coffee? They don’t talk about espresso; if you want that one, ask for a coffee. A regular coffee (Americano) goes by the name Abatenado. Go for a Galao if you fancy a Latte. And they also have a meia de Leite on their menu probably, which is half coffee/ half milk.

If you're in Lisbon and you follow our Work and Travel Trail you will find great places to drink coffee! Check also our list of cool WiFi Spots to work from, also great coffee places!



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