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How to connect with entrepreneurs, creatives, and digital nomads on your working holiday?

How to connect with entrepreneurs, creatives, and digital nomads on your working holiday?

Ready for your next destination? Digital nomads and remote workers base themselves in every corner of the world, and even corporate cowboys finding their way to remote places to live a less stressful life. ​​Nevertheless, anyone in any job, should be able to arrange an office getaway for a few days, or a bit longer. It will help to release stress, find motivation and exchange perspective with like-minded professionals. Maybe, it's even a good way to escape a burnout, what do you think? ​Our advice: book a workation and wander around, share ideas, get inspired, and get some work done!

A few tips on how to connect with like-minded professionals on a working holiday:

  • Enjoy your fresh coffee and breakfast at a free CreativeMornings lecture and connect with cool and international people. An awesome morning inspiration. They take place all over the world.

  • Find local networking events. Break! is a network event in Lisbon, they welcome every visitor and connect them with other attendees. You're not left in the dark.

  • Get Shapr, a networking app, that connects you with other professionals near you. I already had some great meetings with people through the app.

  • Attend meetups, have a look at to see what's going on. Most cities have 'get together drinks', 'after work meetings' or something more related to a lifestyle like surfing, painting or anything else.

  • More and more co-living and co-working spaces are opening. Accommodations where you can live and work with like-minded professionals. Some have long-term options, but most places offer also possibilities for a short stay. A few examples: Nomad House, Welive, Common, Co-Living, Sun and Co. It's a great way to work, travel and connect with new people that can open up your mind.

  • Staying a bit longer in one place? Consider a workshop, course or find Facebook-groups to connect with peers.

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