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Why I started Work and Travel Map

Why I started Work and Travel Map

I've always enjoyed exchanging perspectives with individuals from different backgrounds. It gives me the opportunity to disrupt my own concepts and create something better together, something meaningful. Beginning of 2017, I stored my belongings in a 15m2 box, quit my 9 to 5 job and booked a single ticket, to go beyond the borders of my country, knowledge and culture to start or collaborate in impactful initiatives.

Breaking my daily routines, working from different places, meeting new people, and discovering new places, opened up my mind. I fuelled my body with new energy and creativity.

I hope to motivate others to also take a break from their daily working habits. Work & Travel Map offers 48h trails in destinations all over the world that can be used on a mobile phone. The trails make it easy to go on a working holiday without a lot of preparation, just download one of our trails and book a ticket to the right destination :)

I'm open for any kind of feedback, email me on




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