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Cool places to work from in Lisbon

Cool places to work from in Lisbon

A few remote working tips you should check out! After working and living in Lisbon for a while I'd like to share the following WiFi spots. If you're on a working holiday don't hesitate to take your laptop to one of the following places. Of course if you're off work, these places are still amazing to visit. In our Work & Travel map you find great places to work from and awesome things to explore in Lisbon.

WANLI - Read, write, work & relax till late! I wasn't sure if I was walking into a vintage store or a café; the space was filled with cute vintage photos, lamps, paintings, sofas, toys, etc. All curated by its owner. Wanli is an authentic place where everyone feels at home, even though there are no windows. A big plus is that they are open till 2.00am! So if you have a deadline to a catch (on a rainy day) then this is a great place to get the job done. I ordered tea and got a huge tea pot that kept me going for a long time. The charming Portuguese man who runs the place offered me a free chocolate pie, made by his wife. I honestly can say this is the best of the best cakes, even better than Landau Chocolate. A workation is also a holiday, so if you have your day off work, grab a book, order some wine, and relax whilst jazz and blues are playing in the background.

WiFi: good Staff: charming Portuguese man

Coffee: fine

Drinks: wine and something stronger Lunch & dinner: they serve vegetarian lunch and dinner

Sweets: homemade, delicious

Charging options: unknown

Wanli - Pastelaria lounge- Calçada Marquês Abrantes 82 -Opening hours: Monday CLOSED / Tuesday - Friday 12h30 - 2h00

HELLO KRISTOF - Coffee & Magazines

"Our coffee is served only a few days after roasting, and freshly ground, so the flavor is richer and intense." Hello Kristof

A Scandinavian-inspired Portuguese place on the corner of the street; small wooden tables and larger tables fill up the space. It’s a lovely place to open your laptop and work. The location is perfect if you are also sightseeing in Lisbon: close to the centre and off the tourist zone. You will not be the only one working, since it is a hotspot for digital nomads, and therefore a good place to meet and talk to strangers. Hello Kristof brews great coffee and they prepare nice sandwiches. Need some inspiration? Get one of the independent magazines that are lying around and get your mind on something else for a while.

WiFi: good Staff: friendly

Coffee: every coffee you order is made with love and amazingly brewed. Lunch: While their food is well-prepared, they serve only the 'usual' salmon, caprese, goat cheese sandwiches.

Charging options: there are some plugs to charge your devices.

Address: Rua do Poço dos Negros 103 Lisboa, Portugal, Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

TEASE - Cupcake heaven

As soon as you walk into this place the (cup)cakes are welcoming you. A strong character is needed to refuse these delicious cakes ;-) It’s a small restaurant with a hipster-vintage ambiance. Smoothies are prepared behind the bar, so if you are sensitive to sound, working here might not be your fist choice. Nevertheless, it's a laptop-friendly place, and the big round table in the corner is great to work from.

WiFi: good Staff: friendly hipsters ;-)

Coffee: regular coffee is good; if you like milk in your coffee, choose a latte over a cappuccino. Lunch: homemade healthy heaven: soups, salads, and quiches. Sweets: incredibly sweet yet delicious (cup)cakes. They have other sugar-bombs that will keep you going for a while; the smoothies and milkshakes they make are amazing.

Charging options: there are some plugs to charge your laptop or phone, but you have to be lucky to find a free table close to them. Address: Rua Nova da Piedade, 15, Praça das Flores, Príncipe Real, Lisboa. Opening hours: mon-sun: 9h00 - 21h00

Café Tati - Creative hotspot with indie tunes

Imagine a friendly atmosphere, indie music, huge and small wooden tables, comfy-chairs and delicious food for a reasonable price. That's café Tati. The neighbourhood it breathing creativity. The Tagus is close, so if you fancy a walk before or after your laptop-work-session success is guaranteed. Into music? In the evenings on Wednesday and Sundays they have live jamsession with local musicians.

WiFi: good

Staff: friendly

Charging devices: no problem

Coffee: good enough, regular coffee is good

Lunch: awesome dishes, love their quiche, salads and soups.

Sweets: chocolate cake is suppose to be good

Ambiance: creative, friendly, relaxing vibe

Café Tati

R. Ribeira Nova 36, 1200-371 Lisboa Monday CLOSED - Tuesday till sunday: 11h00 - 1h00

Água no Bico! - Healthy heaven

We absolutely love this restaurant! Enjoy the healthiest vegetarian, vegan, raw, and paleo diet food in a creative patio. They have fresh, gluten-free, and lactose-free ingredients without refined sugars, daily. When it is possible, they get their ingredients from organic farms. The restaurant is located in Sao Bento, one of our favourite neighbourhoods in Lisbon.

One time we came in with an empty stomach and were willing to eat a lot :) Disappointed when they told us their food was finished. I guess they saw how much we wanted to taste their food, since this lovely woman made us a great dish of the left-overs! We enjoyed a local brewed beer with our meal. Another day saved!

WiFi: confession :) not sure if they have, but I think it's about the food and a break of everything stressful Staff: friendly and extremely motivated

Coffee: good

Drinks: what ever you're in the mood for Lunch, brunch & diner: a mix of freshness, healthiness, meet and veggie!

Sweets: home made 'everything free or low' if you like

Charge: unknown

Água no Bico, Rua das Gaivotas, 8 Lisbon, Portugal 1200-202, Opening hours: mon CLOSED/ Tues - Wed:10h00-18h00 / Thur-Fri 10h00-24h00 / Sun: 11h00-18h00

The following places are part of the Work & Travel Trail Lisbon:

Cafe Jardim Estrela

Inside this place the WiFi is great -outside not always- the lunch is better than their sweets. This place let you escape the rush of the city, that’s why we kept coming back. Address: R. de São Bento 102, 1200-816 Lisboa, Portugal

Lost In

‘Lost In’ is one of our best discoveries. In the middle of Principe Real, a hip and also a bit fancy neighbourhood in Lisbon. To get to ‘Lost In’ you have to walk into a little street and take the stairs on your left. You will cross the restaurant first with tremendous glass windows that give you a beautiful view over the city. If you walk a little bit further you will enter the garden filled with colourful sofas. The garden is in the shade, so when the sun is hot, this is a great place to work outside. The food they serve is great. One disadvantage: they do not accept cards from outside Portugal so bring cash!

Address: Rua D.Pedro V Nº56-D, 1250-094 Lisboa, Portugal


When you walk into Saloia you’ll be surprised by the smell of flowers :-) you’ll find out why! It’s an open space, where the tiles on the floor give a Portuguese feel. If you are around; go and have your breakfast at this place, read your newspaper or just check some emails. Address: Jardim da Estrela, 1200-667 Lisboa, Portugal

Nicolau Lisboa

Nicolau Lisboa is a perfect place to work, have lunch or plan meetings. The ambiance is relaxed and green :-). They don’t appreciate laptops during lunchtime, fair enough! So put away your laptop during lunch and order one of their amazing fresh dishes like: home made granola, green smoothies, pancakes, avocado toasts and salads. If you are looking at staying and working in Lisbon for a bit longer, there is a co-working space above Nicolau you might want to check out. Address: R. São Nicolau 17, 1100-026 Lisboa, Portugal


If you are into (street) art you’ll enjoy Montana Lisboa, located a bit further also in front of the Tagus River (Cais do Sodré). You will find inspiring exhibitions and they sell spray paint and markers as well as local art and sketchbooks. In the restaurant the coffee is delicious, and the colours of the bagels will surprise you as much as the names of their dishes: order a Duckface Killah, Childish Panino or a Devil’s Pie! Other than their good food, drinks and coffee it’s a nice place to work, inside they have huge tables with outlets and outside you can work in the shade.


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